About Johnny


I didn't choose the chef life - the chef life chose me. 

I’m a lot like you - a badass culinary gangster, giving it my all each and every day for a profession that I love. I pump out hundreds of meals a day with the speed of a ninja and the finesse of an artist. I miss most special family occasions so that my diners can enjoy theirs, my hands and arms are burnt and scarred, I'm jacked up on caffeine and my friends outside of the kitchen can hardly remember what I look like. The chef life isn't for everybody, but it certainly is for me and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Johnny Devil the brand has been created by chefs - for chefs. Chefs are stylish and creative people who deserve to wear clothing that is as good as the dishes that they are smashing out on the daily. Johnny Devil is raising the bar in chef apparel. Get amongst it! Based in Australia. Flat rate worldwide shipping.


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