1) Be Fast!

Your soufflés may be as light and fluffy as a cloud and your consommé as clear as your social schedule but none of this means a god damn thing if you cannot pump out food fast AF! If you want to get paid then the restaurant that you work at needs you to get food out fast so that the customer is happy and the tables in the restaurant can be turned over the maximum amount of times possible.


2) Get to work early

Get to work early and find out what the hell is going on in your section - Own it! Check what’s in your fridges, review your prep list and figure out a plan of attack for how you’re gonna tackle this shift.


3) Don’t be a jackass towards the front of house staff

This isn’t Hells Kitchen and you are not Gordon Ramsay. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a chef and a waiter spend a ridiculous amount of time in the middle of service trying to figure out who’s fault it is that something went wrong! Your sole responsibility when something goes wrong is to fix it, the end - find out what the customer needs and do it! Do not waste a second trying to figure out who's fault it was in the heat of service.


4) Don’t be a jackass towards your fellow chefs

“One team one dream” We are all in this together. Yes it’s hot and stressful and you’ve already worked 60 hours this week but taking your frustrations out on your fellow chefs is only going to make matters worse. If you’re buddy is in the weeds - help him out. If your buddy is behind in prep - help him out. Help your team out whenever you can and they will do the same for you, don’t create a toxic environment in a kitchen by being selfish.


5) Don’t send out shit food

We’ve all been there - you’re in the middle of a hectic service, food is flying over the pass, the kitchen is running like a well oiled machine and then you realise that you’ve somehow screwed up a dish that you were about to send. Thousands of thoughts race through your mind “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” “I can’t redo it, it takes too long and some of the customers on that table already have their food” “I can cover up the mistake” “Maybe the customer won’t even notice” “I can’t let the team down by telling them I’m not ready” “It’s not really THAT bad” “I’ll see if I can get away with it” - Just stop. Do not send out shit food. Communicate with your team, let them know what happened and hustle hard to get the meal to the customer ASAP.


Obviously this list is missing the basics, the technical knowhow of creating amazing food etc.. but you already know that stuff, that’s the obvious stuff. The above list is what separates the awesome chefs from the chefs.



Johnny Devil.

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