How to ace a job trial for a chef/cook position


These days it’s standard practice to rock up for a trial whenever you are searching for a new job, here’s how to smash it!


- Arrive EXACTLY ten minutes early, ten minutes is the sweet spot. If you arrive too early you’re likely to annoy whoever has to train you because they’re not ready for you yet. Ten minutes early shows punctuality and eagerness without being a pain.

- Arrive armed with your own tools and clean chef uniform.

- Find out what your role is for the trial and own it from the beginning, trials are short so you don’t want to spend half of it standing back watching.  Quite often the head chef will partner you up with another chef to run you through the trial, this chef isn’t necessarily fantastic at training others and will often find it easier to do things himself than teach you, so take initiative and don’t be afraid to take over, the sooner you start getting in there and plating up meals the better.

- Do you know a better/more efficient way to do something that you’ve just been shown? Of course you do, but for today keep it to yourself! During this trial you need to demonstrate that you can follow instructions and fit seamlessly into the team. Bust out your wealth of culinary knowledge in week two, not today.

- Don’t start any sentence with the words “at my old job we used to…” just shhhhh.

- Show initiative. If the chef say’s there’s nothing to do, it’s probably a test - don’t whip out your phone and start scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed to see what your homies are up to. If there’s “nothing” to do, take it as an opportunity to show initiative - prep something, clean something or grab a menu and study it!

- Attitude is everything! Bring positive vibes and confidence, never complain, be eager to tackle any task and work hard! 

Good luck team - we hope this post will help you to land a sweet gig!


Johnny Devil

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