Apps for chefs



-Makes sharing your prep list with your team a breeze! 

-Anybody in your team can edit and update the list at any time using their own device.

-You can add files to tasks (ie; recipes)

-Add comments to lists ie; “big week ahead team! prep double!”

-Have conversations with your team i.e; “anybody got any ideas for a salmon special for next week?”


Snappy Timer

-Run multiple timers for multiple jobs at once

-Remembers cooking times for each job



-So good for recipe sharing with your team!

-Everybody in your team can add to the recipe folder

-Even if you just scribble down a recipe on a napkin you can take a picture of it for the whole team to see and will be stored forever for future reference

-Include photos of dishes to ensure consistency


Fillet for chefs

-Great for costing out dishes

-Store recipes and ingredient prices (including different prices for different suppliers)

-Investing some time at the beginning to enter ingredient prices will save you so much time doing menu costings in the future


Sustainable seafood apps

-Apps to help you choose more ecologically sustainable seafood

-New Zealand chefs check out “best fish guide”

-Aussie chefs check out “sustainable seafood guide”

-Chefs of America check out “seafood watch”



Let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed any killer apps that make this #cheflife a little easier!


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